New Ventures

Winter is here…very cold if not freezing temperatures…gloomy gray skies that have a way of making my insides feel equally gloomy…boots and gloves and heavy coats and big heating bills…it all seems too much. Add to that…trying to move in a new direction after being at one job for fourteen years. It all seems too much….it just really all seems too much.
And just when I think it IS too much and want to turn on my electric blanket and curl up for one of those long winter naps…there is Sadie…tail wagging…Mr. Moose in her jaws….eyes twinkling…telling me to stop and live in the moment.
So I play toss and pull Mr. Moose for many moments that completely absorb me…and then I scratch her chest for a moment…and then I have a nice cup of tea…and I sit and I think…and I revel in the comfort of my home…and the joy of my sweet little dog…and the future is out of sight because I have these moments and they are taking care of me…and they have covered up the worry and the uncertainty for the moment.
I go to my kitchen window and look at the beautiful secret garden back yard…and although winter has taken away the tomatoes and the roses and the fountain no longer trickles on the patio…I see it all…and I realize that before I know it…the moment of winter will be gone and the blooms will be back..and the rosemary will once again smell sweet in the summer night air…and all will be well…in a moment…it can all change.
The barren back yard is full of possibility…just like my life…things come full circle…there will be new opportunities…new friends…new and ever changing by the moment possibilities.
For now, Sadie and I are going to brave the cold winter air and take a walk down by the river…and we do hope we can last out there…longer than a moment.