Post Christmas-Pre-New Years

It’s that week where everyone does pretty much nothing…that week I’ve been spending on white sand beaches in the Caribbean…in my dreams. Yesterday it was in the low 60’s here. Today its a gloomy, rainy, sunless 34 degrees. Its so bad that I actually think a trip to Walmart might cheer me up.

Sadie enjoyed one of her Greenies on the rug beside my treadmill as I huffed and puffed trying to rid my body of my Christmas Culinary indulgences. Now she’s contentedly asleep on her love seat, but I am restless…the new year looms and I have no plans for a celebration on the eve of it, much less the 352 new days that stretch before me.

I did get the good news this week that I am a “nominee” in a category of the Dog Writers Association of America Writing Competition. That was pretty amazing and I think it means that I am a finalist for a prize. I went to the awards banquet in NY City last year for the first time and it was fun and exciting, plus the food was great. Now, I will actually have something to be in anticipation of during the ceremony…I just might win! And the thought of that is awesome.

Last year I was star struck at many of the writers there and our celebrigy speaker. But, you know, I feel like one of the Academy Award nominess…it’s great just to be nominated and I can get over these gloomy days by indulging in some pre-award ceremony buzz right here at home.

You know…who can I get to do my make-up…do any designers want to give me a free dress to wear to the awards? Should I call up Harry Winston and see if they have a diamond studded dog pendant I could borrow for the event? Hey, maybe the Hilton will upgrade me to a suite if I tell them of my new status!

Guess, I’ll throw on some mascara in order not to frighten anyone at Walmart and get my feet back on the ground again…the wet winter rain soaked ground that is.