Random Thoughts

Now that I am officially “unemployed” from a day job I seem to have a lot of time on my hands to think these random thoughts that maybe could come in handy later on. For example:

Should I be out soliciting new clients for my own law practice as much as the Rules of Professional Conduct allow and where would I have the best chance of finding these people? Hanging out at Long John Silvers or Criminal Magistrate Court?

How did we get invited to the beach….then uninvited? Sadie and I have all our beach stuff displayed on the bed… ready for packing for our beach trip…complete with her water Frisbee and her pink seashell collar and leash…now we have to put them away. Seems my size 2 sister had the chance of a better time with a male companion. Sigh.

Should I start an on line campaign to get some designer to loan or better yet, give me a dress to wear to the Dog Writers Banquet in February? Something suitable for Valentine’s Day as well which is a few days after the banquet, and I could delay the return of the loaned garment because who knows…I COULD have a date by then for that important day.

How do I contact these designers? After all, I also just found out that I am to be included on a list of West Virginia’s Most Eligible Bachelorettes…I would prefer the list was the “Most Desirable” because “most eligible” seems a thinly disguised version of “most desperate” which Sadie and I simply KNOW IS NOT TRUE, but hey, this could bring even more exposure to the designer’s creation. And I’m not talking about wearing the dress to a date at Tudor’s Biscuit World (West Virginia’s version of Dean & Deluca)…I will insist on going to one of the many high class restaurants we do have here.

So if anyone out there knows Michael Kors, whose clothes and fragrances I absolutely adore…and Sadie also really loves his Island perfume, how about putting a good word in for me? He is my first choice, and I’d really like to hold out for him, but anyone except Kathy Lee Gifford’s clothes would be greatly appreciated. On my therapy trip to Walmart yesterday (Can you believe I really went to Walmart and didn’t buy one carton of Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk Ice Cream because I was thinking of the slinky designer dress I hope to snag, plus if there is ever an incentive for losing weight…take a stroll through the Walmart deli/bakery section and glance at the many consumers for a prophetic look at yourself if you engage in such indulgences) it seemed every customer was wearing her fashions and I definitely want to make an individual statement at the banquet. Michael Kors’ fashions would project just the right image for me…and I already have a few pairs of his shoes so he can save money on me that way. I mean, we unemployed persons have to use our saved resources for very important necessities like dark chocolate, shoes, and massages, so a free dress would be most welcome.

So…enough of the musings. Time to hit the moving sidewalk in the basement before preparing lunch from my salad box while visions of designer dresses dance in my head.