The Dog Diet in USA Today

Craig Wilson mentioned The Dog Diet!

If you missed one of my favorite weekly reads on Wednesday of last week, be sure and click on the link down below. Craig Wilson, who loves dogs and writes about life and things we can all relate to as well get a few chuckles at ourselves over, mentioned Sadie and me in his January 5, 2006 column.

Seems Craig, not unlike you and me and even Sadie…ate and ate over the holidays. I could not believe the hings that appeared in my house and disappeared as quickly and let me tell you they did not get thrown away! Fruitcake…crab dip…lots of hot chocolate…extra dark chocolate…take out from all the favorite restaurants…ice cream…cupcakes…you name it…we ate it. I didn’t hear from my friend Season for an entire day over the holiday period. When I did finally get in touch with her she confessed to spending the previous day eating all the things in her house that had somehow appeared over the holidays in oder to get rid of them. I myself was forced to finish a package of of cookies one night in bed lest they go to waste. Its funny, most of us forget that we have trash cans during this time of year as well. She felt toxic, terrible, and was in a very bad mood. Too much of the wrong food does this to one.

But now its January and the days of reckoning stretch before us with spring just a heartbeat away. You know, I thought when I left my job that time would be slower…the days of idleness I envied would linger…WRONG! Most days I flop into bed sometime after 11:00p.m. feeling like I’ve been on a hamster wheel all day! I don’t know how I ever had time for a full time job. But then again, I did work for the government and you know what people say about government workers…mainly that we don’t work!

And to make this holiday I spent in hog heaven even worse is the thought that upon release of the book…Sadie and I will be on television which everyone knows makes you look TEN POUNDS heavier! EEEK! Does this mean my jeans will look 10 pounds tighter as well!

So Craig, thanks for mentioning us and also bringing to our attention and your other readers as well that its time to get rid of anything sinfully delicious that might be leftover (fat chance!…Of course we do take the highly probable chance of getting fat each time we indulge in such confections) and grab the dog’s leash and head out the door. As for Sadie and me, we’ve already done 4 miles today and ran up and down some steps. As we collapsed in the foyer of the house after this workout, we were luckily too tired to reach for any treats.

I MUST keep up the good work now…just in case Michael Kors does chip in with a fabulous size 4 dress for the Dog Writers Banquet…after all, I’d hate to have Sadie wear it it because I just couldn’t pass on the ice cream. Then again…there’s a thought for Michael….how about some Designer Dog Duds?

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