Book Release Readiness

Sadie and I can hardly believe it is now less than 3 months for the actual release of our book! We are feverishly trying to lose the 10 pounds we know we will gain instantly when we step in front of a television camera. That’s of course our goal to get some major publicity for our book.

The great weather has allowed us to walk on the boulevard a lot…last week I forgot I also had a Pilates class to go to in the evening and foolishly walked/ran 5 miles…did over 60 walking lunges and ran up and down 100 steps along the walkway…then I want to class. Needless to say I could barely walk the next day and was in absolute agony when I tried to play toss Mr. Squirrel with Sadie.

Sadie is enjoying having me home full time and we are getting the hang of this unemployed state…even learning how to stretch our dollars quite far. For example, we’ve turned the thermostat down low enough in the house that we really don’t need a refrigerator. Things stay at just the right temperature on the counter, and for things that need frozen…we keep them outside the bedroom window on the porch roof.

Sadie has been wearing her sweater and I’ve been wearing just about everything I own to keep warm, but hey…it beats a $400 a month gas bill. We do splurge on the electric blanket at night though and have not yet found it necessary to cut back on chocolate. See…things are not that bad!