Things aren’t quite as exciting here in the East End of Charleston, WV as they seem to be in Holmby Hills, California. In case you don’t recognize that tony town name, its where the Playboy Mansion is located and Hugh Hefner lives with his 3 (Yep…THREE) young blonde girlfriends. This whole scenario is the subject matter of yet another reality TV show called THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR which chronicles the lives of the mansion residents…and their canine companions as well.

Sadie and I have watched this show on occasion, but I don’t want her to see it too often for a few reasons. First of all, I don’t want her to think I can afford all the luxuries the mansion dogs have. I also don’t want her to start expecting that her breakfast arrive via butler on a tray…with real china plates. The girlfriends’ breakfast also arrives on the tray via mansion minion, but any serving in this house would have to be done by me. So instead I eat at the Kitchen Island and Sadie at her Elegant Elevated Feeding Station.

We do however, have our own version of drama next door in the form of THE DOGS NEXT DOOR. The three neighbor dogs provide a continual source of intrigue, disturbance, and mystery to both Sadie and myself. We can see them in their back yard… and spy on them we do from our office windows. Sadie’s love seat is right at the window that looks out of the dogs domain and she spends many minutes standing against the back of her love seat watching these dogs. Every once in a a while there is an exciting bonus…a squirrel will run down the telephone line that stretches in front of this window. This is always very exciting and incites Sadie to run downstairs and bring one of her own squirrels up to the office. The stuffed kind of course with the squeaking device inside.

THE DOGS NEXT DOOR don’t provide the kind of neighborly entertainment those people with property adjoining the mansion acreage out there in California are privy to. These dogs don’t have any celebrity pals dropping by and no limousines clog our streets. They do however invite Black Cat by every so often and he is sort of an interesting character.

Sometimes these dogs arouse Sadie from a nap. She snaps awake and leans toward the window trying to determine what the dogs are barking about. It usually is about nothing and Sadie will sigh and flop back down to resume napping.

On the times that their human Dad is out there with them, she watches intently and has been known to whine, emit short barks, and run downstairs to the back door so she can get a closer look at what’s going on through the fence.

They don’t get any deliveries from exotic food stores, but we’ve watched them bury food in the back yard and never remember where to find it when they come back outside later on. We could tell them, but so far have refrained. They do sunbathe on occasion, but they always keep all their fur on.

And while these dogs don’t wash cars in bikinis, or have wild parties, they are none the less amusing in their own right. They’re not so funny at 5:00 a.m. however when they are yelping and barking, but they are usually ushered inside quickly when this occurs. And I’m sure the Holmby Hills neighbors can relate to this type of disturbance too.

Time, space, status, or species don’t seem to make a whole lot of difference when it comes to neighbors now does it? The eternal curiosity of anything different keeps us all on our toes…maybe just a little too interested in the antics of the Girls or the Dogs Next Door.