On The Road

I just returned from a trip south promoting THE DOG DIET and unfortunately the trip was sans Sadie. I did learn however, that more people come to see Sadie than me and that is OK. She couldn’t accompany me on this particular trip as I was flying to NYC from Savannah…via commercial air and she will not fly cargo and is too big to fit under the seat…alas…we are desperately in need of private jet transportation!

I appeared without Sadie on Channel 11 WTOC in Savannah, GA on the GOOD MORNING LIVE television show from the Southern Women’s Show with Sonny and Jodie. It was exciting, although following Ruby Ann Boxcar was difficult. She had an audience of fans and a lively presentation…this was my first TV interview for THE DOG DIET and I felt like a balloon with all the air released afterward. Then I ran into one of the producers when I was at Kroger getting the ingredients for my cooking demonstration and he saved my day by saying I did OK.

As I gathered the items for my Chicken Arugula Wraps I realized the chicken was RAW and I didn’t even have a microwave at the hotel to use. Quick thinking on the part of my friend Season led us to the the hotel manager to beg assistance from the chef to cook the chicken. To our great relief he agreed to cook the chicken and I did not have to make the wraps into sushi rolls.

As I watched the audience laugh and enjoy the “Trailer Park Treats” Ruby Boxcar prepared, I was panic stricken. I had only failed one class in my entire life…you betcha…Home Economics…the cooking part. Additionally I had NEVER done a cooking demonstration but my hours spent in front of the TV while the Food Network feeds my virtual appetite paid off. The execution of the chicken wraps went off flawlessly AND the audience said they were delicious.

So after the disappointment of the weather keeping me out of attending the Dog Writers Banquet in NYC and the Westminster Show as well, I am back home, reunited with my darling dog who was overjoyed at my return. However, she did not like the dog cookie I brought her for a souvenir, so we are preparing a Valentine’s Feast fit for a dog…and if she really is glad to have me home, maybe I’ll get a few bites of filet mignon too!