Sadie and I are thrilled to see the daffodils peeking out on the river bank where we DOGERCISE every day. We don’t want to confess to any obscure city code infraction, but we admit…we’ve carried a few of them home. There’s nothing like a little touch of spring in the house.

On a more somber note…we continue to get notes about the horrendous practice of puppy mills in this country. Brought to my attention and I want to pass this on is the fact that individual persons…so called “backyard breeders” are just as guilty when they have female dogs producing litter after litter of puppies until they are literally worn out. Then its common practice to dump these exhausted dogs with health problems and no socialization skills at the local shelter. SHAME ON YOU! And WATCH OUT!

Sadie and I have taken it upon ourselves to uncover these individuals in our area and we will not stop until they are exposed. Feel proud of that shiny new car you have thanks to the mistreatment and inhumane treatment of dogs? Get ready to take us on because we are ready for you. And we promise to do everything we can to expose you for the greedy, cruel people you are and to stop the purchase of the Innocent puppies you create.

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