Dog Tired

If its Tuesday, no wonder we are Dog Tired! The book has been released and we are in the middle of our exciting bock tour! Sadie and I started out in Richmond, Virginia at the Southern Women’s Show and Fountain Books for a signing. It was such fun and we feel like celebrities! Our book is selling well and we are getting great feedback from our readers. THANK YOU!

Yesterday things really heated up with the book…sort of. I put something on the stove to cook…actually I was just making some hard boiled eggs for Sadie. Some time later as I was engrossed in writing my column DOGS…DIETS…DATING…the fire alarm on my security system went off.

You guessed It…I forgot the eggs…they burned up and exploded all over the kitchen. Quickly I shut off the alarm…opened front and back doors…turned on all the ceiling fans…and alas the alarm went off again! As I waited for the alarm company to call I started cleaning up the mess and trying to determine if my pot could be salvaged…it could not be.

All of a sudden Sadie was on ready alert…barking…running to the front door and the sound of sirens were wailing loudly. I too ran to the front door as a HUGE firetruck rolled up in front of the house. Three fireman jumped from the truck and approached the house. Sheepishly I told them of my DUMB mistake. They were so nice…and might I add…all so very handsome that if it wasn’t such a waste of time that might be better spent fighting real fires…I’d recommend this tactic for you single girls like me for meeting men. But we all know that’s not a good thing to do.

So now a copy of THE DOG DIET resides in the Charleston Fire House. Sadie and I signed a book and gave to our would be rescuers…its the least we could do since we couldn’t offer them anything we’d cooked…burnt hardboiled eggs are not that appetizing. Sadie put her rubber stamp paw print in it and I assured them with my inscription…”I really don’t burn the recipes in this book.”

So during a hiatus in our tour, we plan to make them a snack from our stash of recipies…preferably something that requires no cooking…andtake it down to the firehouse. After all…they do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…that is if he doesn’t have to get all the smoke out of your house from you preparing it!

I am off to Hartford for the TAILS OF JOY FUNDRAISER, a book signing at BOOK WORM and Sadie is staying home with her Dad. The two of them can forage through the kitchen for food and I have no worries about Rodney setting off the fire alarm…he simply doesn’t do cooking and he and Sadie usually live on take out when I am gone.

More tales from the Road forthcoming…and hopefully no more drama in the kitchen!