Dog Tired on Tuesday

Sadie and I are hanging around out luxury hotel room at the wonderful William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh. We are waiting for WPXI Channel 11 here in Pittsburgh to come and get us to tape a segment promoting our book. Its a half rain all gloom day, but nothing can dampen our spirits as we approach the end of our book tour. Its been fantastic!
We have learned a lot, particularly how it really feels to be “dog tired”. From taping cable shows at midnight in New York City to driving to Atlanta and back in just 3 days and then off again…we have been busy. We were very disappointed to get bumped from the CNN Morning Live Show in Atlanta. Seems the verdict in a prominent terrorist trial took precedence. Sadie and I being law abiding peaceful citizens of course do nothing that would demand the attention of the world press, so we sighed, had room service and drove back home. They tell us they will reschedule it and maybe we should let them know what happened here in Pittsburgh yesterday…it was filled with plenty of terror…at least for me.
We met a KDKA television crew at West Park on the north-side of Pittsburgh. Ever diligent with out time, we arrived early and to my dismay and Sadie’s overwhelming delight…the park was overpopulated with squirrels. Squirrel chasing just happens to be Sadie’s second most favorite pastime. The first is chasing sea gulls, but our rare trips to the beach don’t offer that frequently enough, so any squirrels that pass her live of sight get the run of their lives…and I am usually dragged along as well.
Before the crew arrived, I allowed Sadie a few dashes after the long tailed rodents while tethered to her long retractable leash. These leashes offer small comfort as many of them have snapped off at the strong lunge of Sadie as she pursued a squirrel or rabbit. There I was…a television interview in process…happilly telling our story and how our book came about…my little dog at my side…but wait! She was gone! One jerk and she was free from me! Instinctively…I dropped everything I was holding (too bad it didn’t include the television microphone hooked to my belt!) kicked off my heels and joined in the pursuit…of Sadie…not the squirrels!
After a few laps around some massive old trees…and a few high jumps in attempt to catch the squirres…Sadie started running to me and breathlessly I caught up to her. Sheepishly returning to the camera crew I said..”You’re not going to use that are you.” The crew was laughing as the reporter quicly answered…”You bet we are…THAT was priceless. DOGERCISE in action.” Oh well…at least I was wearing my size 4 jeans which should look pretty good on camera!