Sadie and I received so many questions about Valentine’s Day this year! Seems a lot of men find themselves in the dog house over this holiday. So I’ve been thinking about some special and not so special Valentine’s Days I’ve had and lumped many of the questions together for our column this month. Here are some additional suggestions for fun things to do for your sweetie and all the people you love this year.

1. Flowers top the gift list. Roses…tulips…daisies…fresh picked wildflowers if you are in the right geographic location. BUT…take that extra step and make it unique. Do you have memories of a special flower from an even you both enjoyed? How about a romantic wrist corsage for your sweetheart to wear at a dinner you prepare? How about one beautiful rose waiting for her at the breakfast table or on the pillow next to her when she wakes up? Girlfriend going out of town? Send flowers to her hotel!

2. Jewelry is something like shoes that women can never have enough of, but the diamond heart pendant isn’t something we all long for and takes zero imagination. How about a pair of pearl earrings? Simple pearl studs are awesome. Or a nice pair of solid gold hoops…a diamond bracelet for those with a big budget is one hearty gift no woman will take lightly.

3. Chocolate is also the way to your loved ones heart and with all the health endorsements for dark chocolate you can indulge without guilt. There are also a lot of chocolate bath products on the market that I can tell you from personal experience are heavenly. Chocolate bath salts…chocolate bubble bath…chocolate milk bath. Put together a basket of edible chocolate and body indulging chocolate and you will surely please your sweetie. AND if you really won the lottery this year and have an endless budget…take her the the Hotel Hershey Spa in Pennsylvania where they will indulge both of you in chocolate decadence.

4. While I generally think gift cards and gift certificates are a no-brainier sort of lazy gift, the one exception is the spa gift certificate or the self-created gift certificate. First of all, spa treatments are always welcome and so appreciated. Its great to have a Prue-paid massage, pedicure, manicure, or other luxury treatment available on a day when you need it most. BUT…the self-created gift certificate is imaginative and very special. Consider creating your own certificates in a snap on the computer for some of the following and these are things that YOU will do personally for your beloved.

A car wash and detail…particularly great in the winter months.
Dinner at home…desserts always seem more fun here!
A luxury bubble bath and massage. Light candles…play music…allow your sweetie to relax. GIRLS! This is great to do for your guy too!
Personal shopper for a week…run the errands…go to the grocery store.
A shoe shopping trip.

5. A lovely covered journal that the two of you will share over the next year is a fantastic gift that will bring you closer and become a treasured memory. Each of you will write in it on a regular basis…your feelings…your hopes…your dreams…your disappointments…things you might not have the courage to say out loud just yet. Keep in in a place accessible to both of you…read it…write in it…you’ll be surprised at how important an outlet this becomes for expression and appreciation.

And last of all…a note on love…sometimes its where we least expect it. Its not a convenient emotion…its not something to put on hold…its not inconsiderate and doesn’t live without nurturing. Life’s short…seasons come and go…feelings…they can last forever with nurturing. Sadie and I wish everyone a year of lasting love.