Doggone Diets!

My dentist warned me before Sadie and I left on our book tour…”Don’t let everyone wine and dine you now that you’ve gotten in such great shape.” His words went unheeded. In every city, on every road trip, we conspicuously ignored Dr. Burgess’s good and well intended advice.
Both of us are very guilty of total and indifferent overindulgences during our travels for the past two years. We devoured the contents of gift baskets, ordered indiscriminately when someone else was picking up the tab and urged us on to have dessert. Okay…even when there wasn’t any actual urging…we ate on.
Through Philadelphia cheesteaks…homemade cookies…chocolate beyond any imagination…party food…breakfast buffetts…lunches at sidewalk cafes…and oh…the late night room service. It was as if I forgot everything I’d ever learned about dieting from my dog who was most happy to pig out right along with me.
In Florida our hotel was right next to a fabulous barbecue restaurant. At Hilton Head we lounged on the ocean front balcony with every imaginable delicacy at our beck and call with the a mere touch of the phone from the hotels 24/7 gourmet menu.
In New York, I was on my own solo Sadie, but being the good dog Mom that I am, of course I ate enough for two. Sadie and I, being the epitome of good manners are never ones to shun the fare our hosts provide for us, and now…it has caught up with us.
The bad thing about writing a book with the word “diet” in the title is that certain expectations concerning your appearance come with any appearance you make on behalf of it…forever. And for better or worse…every single event where we are invited to talk about our book or appear involves FOOD of some type.
Last week I spoke at a luncheon at a church here in Charleston. Now not only are these people the friendliest folks I might have ever met…theya re also masters a good old down home comfort food cooking. Naturally, it being winter here in frigid West Virginia…comfort food is always needed. And despite my best resolutions driving to the luncheon, I had seconds AND I left with food for Sadie…and for me.
Yesterday the sun was shining and Sadie I and decided to get back on track. It was difficult to tell if I was walking my dog or my out of shape stomach, but onward and upward is our motto and we persevered for four miles. Now, not only will I not take the blame for my inflated condition, I will let you know that Sadie has committed many food crime herself these past several months of gluttonous eating, the least not being stealing an entire chicken breast from the kitchen counter.
This was pointed out to her recently at a visit to her vet…we of course will NOT reveal our numbers, but they are not good. And since we heard somewhere from someone that for a dog to lose one pound is as hard for a human to lose ten pounds…Sadie and I both have a ways to go.
Of course, its not the end of the world to me anymore, and it never was to Sadie who from puppyhood loved food…all of if. Life is short…and just like no one wants “I wish I’d spent more time at the office” on their tombstone…we know that chocolate is for the living. THe good think about life is that very often we get to learn lessons all over again. So approach spring with a lighter step…that lighter body…it will follow…just leave the cupcakes behind for a little while. As for me explaining how the pounds I lost in the book came back…this my friend is a story EVERYONE can relate to!