As I watched Sadie walk out of the living room last night, I got up and followed her. EEEK! She definitely looks different…How could this happen…is it possible I’ve been such a bad influence that this sweet dog that inspired me to lose 30 pounds has adopted my habits and now has to lose 5 pounds herself? Yep…sad to say its true.

Sadie has developed into a treat addicted pooch and I sadly admit its my fault. She’s seen me reach for chocolate too many times…heard me say “I deserve this” concerning any number of calorie laden dinners and snacks…and she’s been perched right on the console as I broke every one of my rules and cruised through the fat food (not a spelling mistake!) lanes of every imaginable edible creations. And she’s been the reason to celebrate oh so many times and right or wrong…we’re like everyone else…we most often rejoiced with food.

Why does happy have to lead to flabby? Of course there are lots of excuses available to us. After all, the beginning of December I went back to work full time. This left less time for us to DOGERCISE, more time for me to sit at a desk all day and for Sadie to lounge about her crate keeping up with all the shows on Animal Planet. And then…to make the most of our limited time together these days and to ward off the cold weather…we eat!

I find it quite embarrassing to contemplate the size we have both achieved and with spring right around the corner…we’re snapping out of the food fog…getting back on track and off the gravy train. And to encourage all of you…here’s some advice.

1. All of us want the ONE DAY diet…you know…just keep it together for one day…and you’ll be back in those jeans…not going to happen. In Sadie’s case, she has several snazzy collars that don’t pass the two ginger know…should be able to get two fingers between her neck and the collar…and as for me…forget the fork zipper scheme…very few forks remain in the kitchen with unbent tines.

2. A steady and healthy approach is best…dust off the salad box…get the walking shoes out from under the bed and get rid of all the macaroni and cheese ingredients in the house. I think macaroni and cheese should be on the food pyramid, but it does have consequences…and they’re not invisible!

3. Give all the snacks to the neighborhood kids who’s great metabolism will burn them off before they even get back home.

4. Hungry? Make a cup of tea. Dog begging for treats? Have a fun game of tennis ball or Mr. Squirrel or whatever her favorite toy is.

5. Bored…take inventory of all the clothes that don’t fit you presently.

Sadie had plopped her plump self right in front of the kitchen island which is like a bank vault for dogs…its filled with every delicious treat she likes…with the DOGSWELL treats being on the platinum shelf, but, everything in there is edible therefore to Sadie is great. A lot like the chocolate stash drawer I have next to my bed.

Hey…all you dog Mom’s and Dad’s know its near impossible to deny a treat to the best dog in the world sitting before you with those entreating beautiful eyes fixed on you? Its harder than not eating that ice cream in the freezer…well its a close tie anyway. BUT…we must shake off these needless, although delicious indulgences and find enthusiasm and joy in other things. I find it so easy to just hand over a treat because it makes her momentarily happy and then find myself reaching furtively for the drawer of my own decadent treats when I think Sadie is watching television at the bottom of the bed. Happiness has nothing to do with hunger…and most of us really know nothing of real hunger anyway…we just want to eat when we see something we like or think we need . I learned this lesson before, but how easy it was to forget.

Dilemma! Decisions! We did this once, we can do it again. Not a lot of progress since we confessed our inflated conditions the first of this month…but hope is alive and well in our little basement gym and on our path by the river. Keep tuned!

Hey! Are you having your own winter weight worries? E-mail your stories to us at We want to create a page on the website for stories of sliding back into weight gain…and all the creative excuse that got us there, and the inspiration that pulled us out! Have a doglightful day dogercising and a delicious, but not decadent diet!