Sadie and I sold our house. It was a good deal even though perhaps sooner than we would have preferred. And little did we know…that renting a place that welcomes dogs in Charleston, WV is starting to seem darn near impossible. This town is one unfriendly city for canines.
Almost every rental ad…be it apartment or condo…starts or ends with NO PETS. Just like that…capital letters…and more often than not BOLD as well.
Even in the condo complex where we are temporarily staying…its doggone unfriendly. The Top Dog here…A guy named Bill has threatened both Sadie and me. You see…it seems no one understands that Sadie…and me …need a little time to get used to being out of our big dog house into a much smaller one where the halls and parking lots are shared with lots of other humans and a few dogs too.
Mr. Ellis says “that dog has to go” and threatened to call the Humane Society on us as well as another entity he referred to as “one of my other compacts.” Now what that is, we don’t know, but it sure scared us knowing that Mr. Ells spent several years as the guest of the Federal Prison system. No telling what kind of “compact” he meant.
So Sadie no longer barks on occasion to express her loneliness from the small condo we are at…she goes to day care where she is safe and welcome. I don’t have to come home from work scared that Mr. Ellis has gotten one of his cronies to take her away or
If there were an “Un-humane”” society to call…we’s do it. Threatening people or dogs is not nice…throwing your considerable weight around…again…not nice. And who moves into a building expecting absolute quiet during normal daytime hours? Hey…Sadie gets scared when she hears people in this complex slam their sliding doors shut…it sounds like thunder…or the dog next door barking…or the loud talking in the pool area. Who is she supposed to call to complain?
But then again, according to Bill, Sadie and I have no rights here even though we are the INVITED guests of a long time condo OWNER. I guess I’ve never lived anywhere with no rights and neither has Sadie…she even had rights for the few weeks she lived at the dog shelter…and then she came home to live with me in the big house that became a home with her there…she misses it…I miss it…after all this was the only “dog house” Sadie has ever known and she had never met even one person that has treated her Mom or her so downright mean as Mr. Bill Ellis.
But…Sadie and I go on with things. She goes to Camp Critter Creek every day where she is treated with kindness and respect…where she gets to run in and out and has other dogs and cats to talk to. Where she is not lonely in an atmosphere of bad karma and people who take their unhappiness out by complaining. My lunches now, however are lonely…I don’t get to come home and walk out in the fresh air with her or share my lunch…but we hope its only temporary.
So Sadie and I searching for a new dog house…we want something smaller this time as we got tired taking care of a great big one. And we’ll find one…as we say onward and upward…and you know…before we know it …we will have our house near the ocean…the one Sadie and I talk about with the screened porch…and we’ll chase birds…and people who are mean seem to get their own sort of consequences. Sadie’s tail still wags…we still laugh and run after squirrels…and we feel sorry for people whose demeanors are off kilter and disturbed by a few barks…who retaliate with mean words and nasty threats. Too bad…life’s short…try a little kindness.