Top Dog is Top Notch

Dogs, as great as make our lives…they can cause dilemmas to those of us who Love them when we have to trust their care to someone other than ourselves. For example…I hate to travel without Sadie, but when I had a trip that didn’t involve her appearance…purely legal work…I had a decision to make and it wasn’t easy. Leave her at her vet’s here in Charleston? Take her with me and do what with her while I met with clients and attorneys?

It was time to take a cruise down the information highway of the Internet. As I searched through the many advertisements for dog day care in Greenville, SC, my destination, one stood out. Simple…straightforward…long history of being in business…and a great philosophy. VIP….yep…mySadie was a VERY IMPORTANT PET. I made a call to my hotel…they endorsed my selection. I showed Sadie the website and told her that she would get to go along on the business trip with me, butwould have to spend the day at this cool dog club….you know…hang out with other dogs…eat Frosty Paws. She nosed the computer screen and flopped down on the floor in what I took as approval.

Its hard enough to leave Sadie with people I trust…it was darn right frightening to think of leaving her with strangers….until I entered Top Dog. The cheerful employees were only too eager to greet Sadie and me…to show me exactly where she would be spending the day…all the facilities…what she could choose from the treat menu. I checked off several things I thought she’d like and even opted for a bath. After all…she should have a day of pampering! It was clean and bright and it made me feel welcome…and safe. This was a place I could leave my precious dog…with little anxiety.

I was able to go meet my clients…get through the meeting…went shopping and enjoyed lunch. At the end of the day we went back to Top Dog to get Sadie. It was just as I had seen it the morning earlier..clean…well organized…nice people. I picked out a new flowered collar and leash for Sadie while I waited for her to be brought out…I paid her bill…( she had not made any unauthorized charges) I heard her bark when she recognized my voice…and then the door opened and the fluffiest Sadie I have ever seen came like a rocket straight to me.

It wasn’t WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN kind of greeting it was…HEY LOOK AT ME! I HAVE HAD SUCH A GREAT DAY AND DON’T I LOOK PRETTY! And pretty she was…and happy.

People like the owners of Top Dog do more than run a business…its clear they have a mission and people like me and dogs like Sadie are the benefactors of their vision and dreams.THANK YOU TOP DOG! Sadie can’t wait to come back…I’ve never left her anywhere with less anxiety and no disappointment at all when I came to get her.

Sadie and I bounded out the door and into the car with my clients. They all began sniffing the air…just like Sadie always does…Pam said…”Hey…she really smells good…she smells better then we do!” And she did.

If you are in Greenville and need great, safe, fun, competent care for your dog from loving professionals…you can’t beat TOP DOG…they truly are top notch.