A Letter to Tinkerbelle

Beautiful Tinkerbelle
Beautiful Tinkerbelle
Dear Tinkerbelle:
You’ve never met me nor I you, but you are a large part of my thoughts these days. I am one of the lawyers trying to help correct the injustice you have been victim of.

I’ve looked at the photos of the life that has been taken from you. Times shared with your family, your two-legged siblings and Pet Parents…happy times. I’ve seen the nice furniture you snuggled on…the home you shared…the people you loved. I’ve heard the story of your life before then…how you ended in a shelter and then kind Capri took you to live with her family and find you a loving forever home. And then sadly and unjustly one day it was all gone.

Now you are back in a shelter with noise, and clanging, and most likely haphazard care. You are surrounded by people who know that you are now a condemned dog and it is my belief…their behavior around you most likely reflects this. You sleep on a hard floor at night…in the dark…all alone. So if you cry or whimper asking why in your dog way…no one hears you…no one answers.

Sometimes at night when I can’t sleep I look out on my deck and see a raccoon or a possum eating the dinner I’ve left for them. I hear the soft rustle of feathers under the cage cover of my beloved bird Henry and when I return to bed…my sweet Sadie is there…asleep and safe. I think of you Tinkerbelle…you deserve no less.

Tinkerbelle, I want you to know that we are fighting for you. I read in the late night hours and I research as the sun comes up. I pray for you and for your family…I plead with God to show the light to those that persecute you…that you have done nothing wrong. Believe me honey, if someone took something out of my mouth in my own yard…I’d snap at them too and if my teeth caught their lip…so be it. This is about you…not me…not the other lawyers…not your supporters. We seek no glory for ouselves…just to right the wrongs inflicted upon you unjustly.

There are those who will never know the love of a dog such as yourself and for them I am sorry. For you, I am hopeful. We are out here despite you being locked away from everything you love…just know you are loved. They say every dog has his day…Tinkerbelle…despite the long period of isolation you are bearing bravely and the dark nights…and that everything in your world seems to have evaporated…you too will have your day. This I promise you. You have good dedicated people on your team and I am honored to be one of them. Hang in there Tinkerbelle…we are coming and we will bring you home.