With temperatures sky high this summer, Sadie and I have put together some things that are working for us. Just think of your dog in this hot weather…how would you feel with a heavy coat on as you walked down the street? Not cool!

  1. DOGERCISE EARLY! Just because it’s hot, exercise is still necessary for both of you. So…get out of bed early and out for that morning DOGERCISE. Sadie and I have been getting up a little before 6:00 a.m. and getting an hour walk in before it gets hot.
  2. Freeze water bottles with about half of the bottle filled with water. Then fill it up with water and take on your walk. It keeps the water cool. You can also rub the bottle on your face for an instant cool down.
  3. Take a collapsible water bowl along for you your dog. We got one at the dollar store that fold up and fits in my pocket. If nothing else, just take a paper cup folded up in your pocket so your dog can have a drink. We have a cantine that part snaps off to make a bowl for Sadie. We put it in the freezer and frees about ¼ of the water capacity. Then we take it on walks and its perfect! It’s made by Pet Zone…again we found it at a dollar store!
  4. I’ve seen lots of dogs with summer shaved bodies. Consult with your vet before doing this…dogs aren’t immune to skin damage from the sun. Sadie’s been using a great shampoo that seems to help the summer dry skin itch…Epi Soothe by Virbac Animal Health and her itching seems a lot better after a cool water bath with this stuff.
  5. NEVER…NEVER leave your dog in a car in the summer. It doesn’t matter if you park in the shade…it doesn’t matter if the windows are cracked. The danger far outweighs any small attempts to keep the car cool. Sadie is much better off at home, safe in her cool basement den watching animal planet and your dog will be too. If I take her somewhere I’m not sure she can come in with me, I call ahead first.
  6. IF your dog gets overheated, call your vet immediately. When Sadie was a small puppy she had a collapse that at first was thought to be heat related. There was a SLOW process in cooling her down that was dictated by the Veterinarian. He told me the worst thing I could have done was put her in cold water immediately.
  7. Get your dog a small swimming pool. I often like to spend an hour or so on my chaise lounge in the back yard. So I got Sadie a pool to play in while I tan my legs.
  8. Serve frosty summer treats to your dog! Frosty Paws are great and can be found in your local novelty ice cream freezer at the grocer. Also…I put a small dab of peanut butter in an ice cube tray and freeze them. Sadie loves chewing up the ice and discovering the frozen peanut butter treats. I also put cheese or peanut butter in her Kong and freeze it with a little water. Great snack for watching Animal Planet while waiting for me to return from errands.
  9. Cold supper for you…cold supper for your dog. We’ve been having a lot of cold baked chicken…on a salad for me….mixed in her food for Sadie along with some brown rice as well.
  10. Make sure your sleeping room is a cool temperature. I have an old house, but a room airconditioner unit to assist with the bedroom temps. Most days, you can find Sadie in there…its simply more comfortable. We’ve also been getting more sleep….so we can get up for our great morning DOGERCISE!





Patti and Sadie Lawson