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Patti and Sadie
Patti and Sadie

The winter of 2002 was the worst winter of my life. Fresh off a broken romance, I lived on ice cream, pizza and chocolate, immersing myself in a world of misery. After years of dieting, I was all dieted out, tired of my career, and in general discontent with the world. THE DOG DIET is the story of Sadie, a shelter dog who changed my life. She ran into my life, a virtual fur ball of energy and everything got better. Her joyful spirit, voracious appetite, and unconditional love, literally turned my life around.

The focus in my life changed dramatically…suddenly it was not all about me…in fact during those early months nothing seemed to be about me. I could barely eat one morsel of food in my own home without this dog wanting it. No longer was I sleeping in, but getting up early to take her out. My activity level increased…my spirits lifted…my weight went down. I met new people who were also dog parents…the idea of sharing my story was born…the book began to take shape. It’s a humorous account of how I changed from a stressed-out perfectionist into a more “human” being.

Sadie and I developed a comfortable domestic rhythm. She got me off the couch, out of the kitchen and into the size 4 jeans I had longed to wear for years. My book, THE DOG DIET, is my personal story of how this little shelter dog made me a better person. Watch this site for developments with the book and links to my other articles.

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